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Hack Instagram

Hack Instagram


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Did you know messages can be sent through Instagram? That is how many people are cheating on their boyfriend or girlfriend. So, maybe you want to hack Instagram because:

  • You want to know which photos your boyfriend or girlfriend gives a like.
  • You wish to recover an account you have not been using in a while
  • You want to see the private messages that person hides.
how to hack Instagram

Instagram has over 600 million users and daily 4.2 billion likes are given, and therefore this data and general behavior may call the attention and get people curious to know what friends, relatives and partners are doing. So, for you to learn hacking the Instagram accounts you want pay full attention on the next section.

How to hack Instagram?

how to hack Instagram
  • Enter the web page
  • Search the victim´s username, then type it on the text bar and click on the button where it says “Hack”.
  • Once the web page had registered the victim on its platform, you must complete a survey so you have to choose between servers that are available.
  • As soon as you finish the survey with actual real data the password will start to get downloaded automatically.
  • When you finally have the password you have to log in from this web page, since it results in a more secure way for your victim not to suspect he or she has been hacked.

What other methods are available to hack Instagram?

Next we will tell you about the best tools that will be useful to you on hacking Instagram users. Among the most effective methods we can find some like phishing, keylogger, exploits and some passwords the victim saves in the computer or device.

Hacking Instagram in an easy way

First of all, with this method we can access any Instagram user regardless if their account is private or not. To do so, just follow these next steps:

  1. Have available the person´s user or URL address of the account.
  2. Paste in the box the user account you want to hack.
  3. If data you entered is correct the platform will show you the user´s profile image and name to be hacked./li>
  4. As last step complete the anti-bots verification to access the account with no issues.

You can complete this process in two ways:

Referrals: Send the link to five friends so the system unlock the password for you.

Survey: Fill out a simple survey and when you finish it the password will be available.Like this, fulfilling any of the two methods you will be able to obtain the account´s data access information.

How to hack Instagram online?

with this page

Continuing, using the method we are going to explain next we will have to access a specific web page, fill out a survey and download a password. To do so, follow the steps that are explained next:

  1. Enter the web page online and select the option "Instagram"./li>
  2. On the text bar that will appear right below you have to introduce the person´s user name to be hacked. You must write it exactly the same way it appears on the Instagram profile.
  3. In a matter of three minutes the online web page will track the victim. Once it has finished a survey must be filled out in order to obtain the victim´s password./li>
  4. Choose a server among the available ones, complete the survey and automatically the password will be downloaded.
  5. That is it! Now you can access the victim's account and see all of their activity.

Hacking Messenger and Instagram using exploits

A simple way to hack apps and services like Messenger or Instagram is through the use of exploits. To do it just access the next URL address and follow the next steps:

  1. Access the online platform to create an Instagram fake.
  2. After the fake link is created you just have to send it to the victim via email or other, being the important thing that such victim log in on Instagram from the fake link you sent./li>
  3. Like this, the person will introduce a user name and a password on the fake link, which actually will be a database to store the credentials for you to see and access them later.
  4. Data will be sent to your email address.
  5. It is a fact! You have hacked your victim's account.

How to hack Instagram with programs?

Hacking Instagram using keyloggers:

In details, keyloggers are computer programs that are developed and designed for installing on remote devices, in order to register keystrokes carried out on the keyboard of the computer in a hidden way, including the login information of Instagram accounts and other platforms.

In the same way, you have two options to install a keylogger on the victim´s computer to hack Instagram: through hardware or software, meaning that you need to have physical or remote access to the person’s device or computer you want to hack.

Hacking Instagram through phishing:

Las páginas de phishing o suplantación de identidad son aquellas páginas clones de una oficial y que están diseñadas para capturar los datos de inicio de sesión de cualquier cuenta. En este caso, la cuenta objetivo es la de Instagram. Puede hacerse a través del envío de un correo electrónico o digiriendo a un sitio web falso. Para ser usada esta herramienta debes tener algunos conocimientos en programación y diseño ya que debes crear la página clon y que la persona ingrese sus datos a través de ella para poder capturar la contraseña.

How to hack Instagram using software?

By using the tool app InstaHackGram:

InstaHackGram is an application very easy to use and very useful, being enough to download it and introduce data correctly so you can have password and login information of our victim. So, these are the steps you must follow to break victim´s Instagram account you want:

  • the InstaHackGram app on your computer, smartphone or tablet with Android operating system, as well as iPads and iPhones running iOS.
  • Run the software from the device where it is installed.
  • Introduce on the text box the victim´s user name to be hacked.
  • At this point you have to options: download photos and videos available on the account, or you also can see those photos that were deleted and sent using Direct. Select All!
  • To be able to see the password of the account you must select the “Yes” option and it will be shown on the screen.
  • Once you have made click on “Start” you will have access to the introduced account.


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