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Hack Facebook

Hack Facebook


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Did you know Facebook is the most popular social network in the world? This make us want to try to hack it. Let's be honest we have all tried to hack someone else's facebook in a certain moment of our life, whether someone from our family, friends, or even lovers.

How to hack facebook

Do you want to learn how to hack facebook? Then you are in the right place, coming up next we will show you step by step how to get access to the anyone's facebook account, and there is no need to be a computer expert for it.

Please keep reading till the end as we will also talk about other ways to do it, just if you really want to become a Facebook hacker expert. Shall we begin?

How to hack facebook: Step by step

how to hack a Facebook account

1. Look for your victim's Facebook

  • Connect to facebook and look for your victim's profile.
  • Copy the profile URL, it should be something like:

Just as simple as that! Paste that URL to our page and then clic the "Hack" button.

2. Hacking the Facebook account.

  • As we mentioned before paste the link of your victim's profile and click "hack".
  • If you see his or her name and profile pict then you did well.
  • This process might take a couple of minutes, that's normal so now wait till it's done.

3. Download the account info.

Once the process is finished there will be two options to download the password.

3.1 How to download the password using referrals?
  • If you want to get the password through the referral's system, you have to share this link with five different friends. Do not post it as your victim may realize about it, we recommend to choose five close friends that won't judge you for it. After that the download will start.
3.2 How to download the pass with a survey?
  • You will find four different servers to a complete the survey. Once you are done with any of these ones the download shall start automatically.

And why are these two steps necessary? Remember that this is a free way to hack a Facebook account, therefore, many people will take advantage of this tool to hack.

4. Login to the Facebook Account

Now that you have the password, it is very important to login through our webpage. You will avoid for Facebook to ask you for a email verification.

Now that you are in please do not commit any suspicious things because your victim will realize that someone else is using it too, he or she will change the password and you must do this process all over again.

How to hack Facebook easily?

1. Hack Facebook with our webpage.

You just need to follow these steps to hack Facebook easily

  • Look for your victim and copy his or her profile URL.
  • Copy your victim's link in the box from this page and now click on hack. Once you do this the process will start.
  • The info is done but now you will need to solve a captcha to get the password. Fill up a survey or share the page with five friends.

Easy, isn't it? Come one and give it a shot, you will find out who are your kids, friends or couple is chatting with and without spending a penny.

2. xploits for hacking.

An xploit from Facebook is a web page similar to the real one, like some kind of clone, its main function is to steal Facebook accounts; You don't know how to use them? We will tell you how.

  • First you will need to visit an xploit page (such like, go to generator page and fill up with the requested info.
  • On "keyword" you can type whatever you want. In "Optional URL" you have to type: The victim will be redirected to this site once he or she introduce the email and password.
  • The next options can stay empty of as a default value. Select the language and press "Generate Link". A window will pop up, and we just minimize it.
  • Once you minimize the window you have to press again "Generate link" and two links will show up. The first one is where the victim will type their info, the second one is where we will get it.
  • That's it, now try to find a way to send that link to your victim and you will be ready to hack it. It's all about imagination, as simple as that.

3. Hack using a browser.

This is another way to get your victim's password, and no software needed. You will just a couple of minutes of your time, however, here we explain you the easiest way to hack that person's facebook you want, using your browser. Do you want to know? Just pay attention and spend a couple of minutes here to access all Facebook profiles you want, whether your kids, brother and sisters, friends or your couple.

By accesing your browser's settings you can get the passwords from people who use the computer. You can use this method with your couple, a friend or a sibiling.

Hack Facebook from Firefox: by entering to the security setting and clicking on "saved credentials", it will appear the emails and passwords that you have saved before, just select "show password" in the Facebook login and you're done.

Hack Facebook From Google Chrome: You can see the stored passwords by entering:

Settings> Advanced settings> Passwords and forms> Manage passwords.Select to show in the option that interests you, in this case Facebook.

How to hack facebook without surveys?

1. Hack with Keylogger

 A Keylogger is one of the most effective softwares to get the access info from any social network. Why? This is because a Keylogger records all the typing that can be done by a person with his keyboard, there are also some who also record the number of clicks and allow captures of your victim's screen.

To use the Keylogger you just need to follow these steps.

  • Download and install a Keylogger software, once installed, run it
  • Once opened we must press the "Start" option in the upper right corner and press "Enter"
  • To make sure that this works, you can open the notebook and write whatever you want.
  • You will see that a file with the data of what has been written throughout the day will appear in the program. Best of all, the Keylogger identifies in which application were typing.

2. Hack using your browser.

The best way to hack Facebook from your browser without any survey is with the data tools they can provide us (cookies, cache and others), the most common thing is to look at the passwords log, the only thing is you just can get the password from that person's Facebook if you have access to his or her computer. You just have to invite your victim to your house and let him use your PC. This can be something really easy is you want to spy your couple.

3. Hack with xploits.

This is another way to hack facebook without surveys, It's about to create a decoy webpage, a trap webpage, where the victim will type their data and it will be stored, so you can access his account. This method words for real, because the design is just like Facebook, the difference is in the URL, but it's really hard to notice. You can get this xploit really easy online.

How to hack Facebook from a phone?

1. Hack Facebook with surveys.

We use surveys to unlock victim's info so we can avoid a requesting overload in our servers and verify that the user is a human, preventing from DDoS attacks that may take down the system.

  • We enter our victim's Facebook from our cellphone, copy his profile URL and get back to our webpage, double tap the white square and we paste the link inside, now press the button "hack".
  • Once the process is done we click on "see data" and then we choose the option "survey", and after you finish it the Facebook info from our victim will be shown.

2. Hack Facebook, with referrals.

If you want to use this option you must share the tool with your friends. In this way we make sure that is not a robot who is trying to access the facebook profile. Also by sharing this tool they will be able to team up to hack whoever they want. You don't know how? Follow these steps and you'll learn really fast.

  • After we copy the victim’s profile in the white section of the page and click the “Hack” button we click on “see information”
  • We choose between the two options, the referrals links, and here we’ll get two links, which we have to send (one of them) to our friends.
  • Once they have entered the link, the page will count your referral in the option’s page, after you have three referrals, the information of the account will show
Remember: it’s just valid 1 referral per IP direction

3. Hack using xploits

In our page hacking using xploits it’s something very simple, after we made our exclusive URL and our victim fell in our trap, we’ll have two options to unlock the information of the hacked account, this data will show in the website’s menu. In this situation we have to choose the option of referral links, which will give us a couple of links, that at least one of them we have to share it with 5 different people, after those 5 people entered the link, the victim’s information will be displayed.

How to hack Facebook online?

1. Hack it using a page

The codes to take advantage of vulnerabilities and to get information from any Facebook account are part of the system in every single one of our websites, in this webpage specifically, the code characterizes for being simple and free, for we are the best option in the internet and we have very simple hacking step by step requirements.

The only thing you have to do now is to enter the profile of your victim, wait for a few minutes so the process will finish the request of vulnerabilities from Facebook and then you have to fill a small survey or use our referral system for it to display the e-mail and password of the victim.

2. Hack using xploits

Facebook vulnerabilities are studied deeply by our developers, thus, our feature of hacking using xploits should never fail, which allows you to create an imitation of the log in Facebook page so your victim will enter their information without having any second thoughts, and without being aware that they are actually saving their personal information in our website, and that’s how you’ll get their password and e-mail.

This option is one of the most effective ones. It just takes a little of time to get the account’s information, because we’ll have to wait for the person to open our made-up URL and interacts with the Facebook’s imitation page.

How to hack Facebook without using programs?

1. Hack using a website

Maybe you are in a spot where you wish to know someone’s Facebook password but you don’t have the enough amount of time to look for and download programs that will do this for you, but you don’t have to worry about it; hacking a Facebook account without programs, free and fast it’s possible due the hacking codes that our page ( has, the only thing you have to do it’s to enter the link of the victim’s Facebook profile and the website will do the work, like so you have to do a small survey or use the referral system to display the account’s information after the hacking is done.

Hack Facebook using xploits

What do you think about making a Facebook imitation so your friends will get tricked and you can get the information of their accounts? In this page, you can do it without any problem

  • The first thing you have to do is to create a unique URL, which you’ll keep because it’ll be the link that will receive the information of the account when its typed into the fake Facebook page.
  • The second thing is to enter a link that will trick the victim, this one can be Youtube video, or even the link to a normal image.
  • The third step will be to create an URL. This URL is the one you’ll send your victims, and when they fall in the trap, their information will be saved in the spaces of the created URL, but they’ll be blocked until you complete a survey or you’ll do the referral link process.

Tips to avoid others hacking your Facebook

be a hack

You have to know that there are a lot of page that offer this service, but (beware because they are completely fake), now this has been said the question rises, what makes us different to all of these? Well, answer is simple, our script is unique, it offers a fast service and it’s easy to use, besides it’s totally free and effective.

Don’t trust programs that have an unknown source. It can be a virus, the ideal is that you download and install programs which source is safe. Change constantly the password of your social media, it’s advised that you do it every three months so it’ll be harder to get pass security.

Don’t log in to your account from any website that can mislead you, it can be an xploit to steal your username and your password.

Go into the security setting of Facebook and active different features, like trusted contacts, recognized devices, code generator, etc. Keep your antivirus updated, and make sure that is able to detect any Keyblogger.

Visit our site in French Pirater Facebook.


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