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Hack Twitter

Hack Twitter

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hack twitter
Explanation to Hack Twitter from a cell phone
  1. Enter the application and copy the link of the Twitter user
  2. Access the website
  3. Enter the Twitter username or link in the box
  4. Finally, click on Hack
hack twitter pc
Explanation to hack Twitter from a computer
  1. Access Twitter and copy the username or link of the victim
  2. Go to website
  3. Paste the Twitter user or link in the box
  4. Lastly, click on hack
Twitter, the social network in which millions of users share their thoughts through "tweets"

Find out what your friend, partner or family member is hiding on Twitter, we present you the best methods to learn how to hack Twitter in a few minutes.

Hack Twitter with Xploits

Xploits are presented as a strategy to hack Twitter quickly and for free, they are computer programs to create fictitious login pages to obtain the victim's data.
  1. Enter the website
  2. Copy and save the Xploit identifier, this will be an access key to observe the results
  3. Select the Blogger of your choice, you must choose correctly since you cannot modify it
  4. Choose the link or page to which the victim will enter to obtain the Twitter data
  5. Indicates the expiration date of the link
  6. Click on “create Xploit” and send the victim with an attractive message
  7. Our target will log in to the trap page
  8. On the website we can see the traced credentials. It's very easy!

You have the opportunity to have an order of the generated links and the ease of creating the number of Xploits you need. However, there is a risk of being discovered if the victim has antivirus software or suspects malicious intent.

Even so, if used subtly, it works as an option to hack Twitter online.

hack twitter with browser

From the browser you can access options to hack Twitter easily and for free; The good thing about these strategies is that they do not require programs with complex interfaces. Try the following procedures and achieve your goal

🌐 recover password

A basic strategy to try to enter the Twitter account is to reset the password, the Twitter recovery assistant can be an ally to hack. Before proceeding to explain, you need to know the email affiliated with the account and some information about the victim.

Now, we detail step by step how to hack Twitter with the option Did you forget your password?

  1. Go to the Twitter home and try to log in with the affiliate email
  2. After trying with a false password click on "Forgot your password?"
  3. You will be directed to a tab to find the Twitter account, for this you must provide one of these data: email, phone number, username
  4. The password recovery wizard will prompt you with the options to reset your password: 🔶A link to the email 🔶 SMS with a link
  1. Also, the option “no longer have access to this?” may appear. before this, the Twitter system will recommend you to add an email address or authenticate the account by answering some questions
  2. If the new email address is approved you can change the password and hack Twitter

If you know the password of his email, you can take the link and easily reset the password or use strategies to share his code sent by SMS.

🌐 Passwords stored in the browser

 In the browser there is a function that stores the passwords of the different social networks, you just have to enter the section and take them. This strategy is one of the most used to hack a Twitter account.

In addition, in this repository of passwords you will be able to obtain different credentials from other applications or web emails to use at your disposal. For this you need to enter the victim's computer or mobile device, and enter the Password Manager.

Then explore until you find the user you need. One of the disadvantages of this Twitter hacking strategy is that the password may be outdated or simply not found. It may also ask you for a password to see the results.

🌐 Crack the password

Finally, if you know information about the victim, you can try to guess the password. There are users who put very basic characters such as: name, date of birth, their favorite place, family names or some activity that they are passionate about.

Once you get to know the email and some references of the victim, you can combine and try to crack the password without the need for programs. This strategy to hack Twitter for free has worked for many Internet users.

Hack Twitter with Keylogger

A last method to be able to hack a Twitter account is the Keylogger, which are programs specialized in the registration and storage of information that is pressed or clicked on a device.

Keyloggers are easy to use, the logic behind the program is that it be installed on the victim's device in order to obtain their data. It serves as a spy strategy, not only to be able to access Twitter credentials, but also to know who you talk to, who you follow and what posts you keep private.

The Keylogger interface is practical, the system does everything for you so that you only focus on monitoring your friend, family member or partner. We recommend using, is one of the best programs for recording clicks or keystrokes.

It is available for Android, Windows or MacOS devices, in addition, it presents new features to avoid being discovered, incorporate screenshots or recordings of conversations.

It offers three packages at affordable prices, which guarantee the achievement of your goals and the ease of accessing a Twitter account.

Is it possible to hack Twitter?

There can be no doubt, there are different tools to hack Twitter, from techniques to violate privacy to playing with the start options to change the password.

But, not everything is so simple, hacking Twitter has legal consequences, therefore, you must apply these methods responsibly and in justified situations. Avoiding damaging or publishing the user's personal data.

With this, we hope that you can give a use to these alternatives to hack Twitter quickly and safely.


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