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Hack TikTok

Hack TikTok

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Hack TikTok steps
Explanation to Hack TikTok from a cell phone
  1. Enter TikTok and copy the victim's username or link
  2. go to
  3. Paste the victim's TikTok link or username into the box
  4. To finish, click on Hack
Hack TikTok PC
Explanation to Hack TikTok from a computer
  1. Open TikTok in the browser and copy the link or username of the victim
  2. Sign in to
  3. Paste the link or username of the victim in the box
  4. Finally, click on Hack

TikTok has quickly become popular and every day adds features to communicate, share or generate money. If you want to have access to a profile to know what content you like, your drafts or conversations, you may have to learn these techniques to hack TikTok.

Hack TikTok with Xploits

The main recommended method to be able to hack TikTok for free are the Xploits that the platform offers. These are computer programs that are responsible for creating false logins or fictitious pages where the platform is simulated to deceive the victim and obtain their data. Here are the suggested steps:
  1. Enter the website
  2. Copy the identifier, this is a secret key to access the results
  3. Choose a shared Blogger or create a custom one where only you have access
  4. Indicates the link where the victim will enter their data
  5. Set a link expiration date
  6. Finally press “create Xploit” and send the link to the victim
  7. If we have managed to convince the user, he will log in on the page
  8. When we return to we will find the captured passwords

When the victim has filled in their credentials, they will be stored in a database within the website. Then with the identifier you can access the data and log in to TikTok.

An important point is that the Xploits must be accompanied by social engineering, that is, making the victim not suspect and believe that it is a certified link. If this point is successful, you will be able to hack TikTok without problems.

Hack TikTok from browser

Without using specialized programs and applications, you can hack a TikTok account fast. To do this, you must have access to the social network from your mobile device or computer, in addition to knowing the email of the victim affiliated with TikTok.

In this section we present some alternatives to hack TikTok from the browser.

🌐 Hack TikTok with “forgot password”

If you know the victim's TikTok username and email, you will have an advantage in hacking TikTok. You just have to go to the application and try to log in, when typing the email or phone number, press Forgot your password? To continue with the reset wizard.

There are some key steps to achieve the objective of this alternative to hack TikTok, here we suggest some:

  1.  Write the phone number / email / username correctly
  2. Click on forgot your password?
  3. Choose your reset options: 🔹 Affiliate Email Link 🔹 Phone Message 🔹 Backup Email 🔹 Security Questions
  4. If you can access some of these links that have been sent or answer some questions, you will be able to change the password

In case the user has created their TikTok account with any platform (Instagram, Facebook or Gmail) you must have access to these applications to modify the password.

It is recommended to use this method when you are close to the victim to be hacked in order to collect the data without difficulty. Likewise, it is necessary to be agile and quick so as not to raise suspicion.

🌐 Hack TikTok with stored passwords

Another alternative to hack a TikTok account from the browser is to access the Google password manager. Modernity and cloud storage technologies become a resource in your favor when you want to find the credentials of a social network.

Since certain passwords are stored in this manager, you just have to access it from the victim's computer or device and explore until you find their TikTok account. After the characters are revealed you sign in, an easy and free process to hack TikTok.

Now, not everything is rosy, sometimes in order to see the credentials you must insert a security code or password from the Google account. Also, there is a possibility that the password is not updated

🌐 Hack TikTok with web pages

A last alternative to hack TikTok with the browser, are the online platforms that allow to violate the protection of an account.

There are two ways to download the data obtained from these useful websites to hack TikTok, which are:

  • 😈 Through surveys

Before obtaining the data, it is necessary to fill in some fields or surveys with various items that only take 5 minutes. This in order to obtain the TikTok password.

  • 😈 refer friends

Another way to download the data obtained from the page is the referral of friends, the platform promises that by sharing with more than 5 acquaintances about the virtues of the page, the download will be granted, omitting surveys.

These pages are usually effective for hacking TikTok, however, users have reported that they have to do the same procedure more than once in order to successfully hack TikTok.

Hack TikTok with

Keyloggers are tools that allow you to hack TikTok and spy on what the user does, this software specializes in recording and storing all the keystrokes and keys that are made. It is used to steal personal data, read conversations and more.

In particular, it is functional to hack TikTok, you just have to wait for the victim to log in to see their credentials, or you can monitor every action inside and outside the app.

Among the advantages of this method are the unknown options, screenshots or screen recordings. You just need to register and install the application on the victim's computer or device and start monitoring

Is it worth hacking TikTok?

In short, there are hundreds of strategies to hack TikTok easily, quickly and for free. It is recommended to evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of the previous strategies and methods, to find the best solution.

It is important to be responsible with the use of these methods, avoiding harming the victims, exposing their privacy. Also, avoiding legal charges for hacking a personal account.

For this reason, use the strategies on justified occasions. We hope they are useful and you can achieve your goals.


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