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Track Cell

Track Cell

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track cell phone steps
Explanation to Spy on a Cell Phone from a cell phone
  1. Copy your victim's number
  2. Enter the website of
  3. Put your cell phone number in the box.
  4. Finally, hit "Track"

If your cell phone has been stolen, you have lost it or you want to know information about a person, you will surely need these methods to track a cell phone:

Track a cell phone with

track cell phone steps

If you need to track your cell phone or spy on the content that your children or your partner reviews, is the best app. Offers tools to locate via GPS and maintain parental control.

It stands out for its excellent tools that adapt to the needs of each of the users who want to track a cell phone. Among which is highlighted by the monitoring options.

📲 To access this application you must follow these steps:

  1. Download the app from the official website
  2. Log in
  3. Add your cell phone information
  4. start tracking

Some functions carried out by are the location of a lost phone, so after downloading the application you must activate the GPS options. It also allows you to take pictures to discover who has the cell phone.

If you cannot recover the cell phone, there is a solution of Block! Whoever has the phone will not be able to access any applications. And it will have a configurable message that says "lost cell phone" it is even possible to delete all the information on the phone.

The app is ideal for Android devices, allowing the device to be effectively tracked to approximate results. The tool is functional, but for a better experience you will need to purchase the package with paid options.

This is because when you log in you will only get a demo with limitations, when you contract the paid version you will have easy-to-use software with professional features on your device. With which you can have real-time monitoring of the cell phone, control some mobile features such as sound, blocking, reading conversations, among others.

track cell phone with google account

By adding the Google account you will have the option to "find my device" available. This option allows you to search for it, block it and even erase the data. However, you must meet the following conditions:

  • The cell phone must be on
  • You must be connected to a mobile network or Wi-Fi
  • Have your account visible on Google Play
  • Activate the “location” option on the cell phone
  • Have Google's "find my device" feature active

📲 Track a cell phone with Google account on Android

If you are an Android user, there is an easy solution to track your cell phone, for this, you must access Find My Device on Android as indicated by the following steps:

  1. Access the website Find My Device and sign in to your Google account
  2. Then the cell phone to be tracked will receive a notification
  3. You will be shown a map with the approximate location of the phone, in case it is not found, it indicates the last location where it was connected to the network
  4. Choose between the options of blocking or erasing data

📲 Track a cell phone with Google Maps

The GPS feature of Google Maps not only allows you to explore routes to reach a destination, it can also track a cell phone with its phone number especially if you have shared your location.

To track a cell phone with Google Maps you just have to comply with these steps and requirements:

  • Keep Gmail account and contacts active on the device
  • Go to Maps and select share location on Google profile
  • Then select the duration to share the location
  • So you can keep your cell phone tracked

Track an iPhone

In the case of iOS operating systems, tracking a cell phone has an exclusive method in iCloud:

  1. Enter the configuration section and select passwords and accounts > iCloud > Locate
  2. Then press on “Find my iPhone” or you can select to send the last location where the iPhone was connected
  3. Once you activate the location enter iCloud on the web to track the cell phone

It is recommended that the iPhone keep the location option turned on so that in case of theft, theft or loss it can be tracked.

Track a cell phone with the phone number

There are some apps and websites to track cell phone number, this has been an amazing strategy to find lost individuals and phones.

The applications contain an online map where they can track the number with the international area code.

Some of the most renowned apps and websites are:

track cell phone with facebook

The last option to track a cell phone with online platforms is through Facebook, however, this strategy is typical of the Android operating system. For this you must link the location with the Facebook account and keep it active on the device you want to track.

By having this option, if you try to log in on another device/computer and go to your Facebook profile, you will find a button to know the location of the cell phone. The button is shaped like "binoculars" you just have to click on it.

A map will be displayed and show the location if the cell phone has been connected and the Facebook session remains active.

These have been some methods and strategies to track or spy on a cell phone, most of the methods fulfill their promise of locating a lost cell phone or finding children, partners or friends. We hope they are useful and you can apply it responsibly.


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