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Hack WhatsApp

Hack WhatsApp

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hack whatsapp mobile
📱 Steps to Hack WhatsApp from a mobile phone
  • 1️⃣Enter WhatsApp and copy the number of the person you want to hack by clicking on the three dots
  • 2️⃣Go to
  • 3️⃣Paste your victim's number in the main field
  • 4️⃣Finally, click on "Hack"
hack whatsapp pc
💻 Steps to Hack WhatsApp from a computer
  • 1️⃣Access WhatsApp and copy the number of the person you want to hack
  • 2️⃣ Go to
  • 3️⃣Paste your victim's number in the main field
  • 4️⃣Finally, click on "Hack"

WhatsApp is one of the biggest apps of the moment, with millions of users around the world who use it daily. That is why it is one of the platforms that most people want to hack, and luckily in this article we show you strategies to hack WhatsApp in a few minutes. ✅

⭐ Hack WhatsApp with

Hack WhatsApp with is one of the easiest methods you will find on the web. Thanks to its immediate credential search system, obtaining access data for any account to be hacked is very simple.

The most attractive thing about this method is that it does not require large steps to achieve it and it is safe, so you should not worry about downloading files or annoying advertising ads. The only requirement you need is the username of the WhatsApp account where you want to infiltrate and that is it.

Hack WhatsApp with SCAM

Hacking WhatsApp using SCAM is another quick method to enter an account. This method is guided by persuasion and simulation of legal websites, which is why it is so effective and easy to apply.

Using attractive messages, a link to a fraudulent website is hidden, which can copy any legitimate login without you realizing it. Through deception, SCAM persuades the victim to enter their access credentials on the fake page without suspicion.

An ideal website to create these fake emails or logins is The only thing you need is internet access and follow the following steps:

  • Go to
  • Copy the identifier, which will help you access the information obtained at any time.
  • Choose the link you like the most in the Blogger section. You will not be able to change it later, only choose from the available options
  • Choose the page to which the link will be redirected when you get the data
  • Set an expiration date, the link will stop working on the day you set
  • Click the “Create SCAM” button and wait for the link to be created
  • Send it to the people you want to hack and wait patiently

Hack WhatsApp from the browser

Browsers such as Google Chrome have the automatic function of saving and storing most credentials. These credentials are made up of logins, emails and any social networks synchronized to your services.

Google integrates this tool to facilitate the management of its users, also to store and remember each password. Of course, this can be disabled, but being so useful, many people keep it

Any third party with access to your devices has access to those credentials, so it can be a disadvantage for the hacker, but a great advantage if you are looking to discreetly infiltrate any social media account like WhatsApp.

hack whatsapp steps

You can have a complete view of the browser passwords at the following address: Password Manager

Hack WhatsApp with Keylogger

One of the pages able of offering complete and discreet monitoring is Of course, it is essential that you have physical access to the devices of the person you want to hack, since you have to install these programs.

Keyloggers are used to carry out hacking activities, they are also excellent tools to monitor and fully understand all their activity and location in real time and without the third party noticing.

Benefits of using keyloggers:

  • Keyloggers can work in several ways, but they typically run in the background and the third party may not even notice it
  • Logs all keystrokes, including passwords, usernames, emails and other sensitive data
  • They have full access to the devices
  • They have screenshots of everything the third party does
  • You can know the location of devices in real time.

Hack WhatsApp with FORM-GRABBING

Form-Grabbing is another advanced computer tool, for hacking accounts on social networks and almost anything, including WhatsApp. Its function is to collect data through a form, this is infiltrated through links or malware that the victim opens without really knowing what they do.

hack whatsapp free

When the program is installed, it stays on the system and collects all the victim's information. Including usernames and their respective passwords. To use Form-Grabbing, it is essential to have solid knowledge in programming and computer science of malware or viruses capable of camouflaging the program so that it can be noticed.

Hack WhatsApp using Malware and Viruses

Malwares and viruses are designed to cause the loss of important data, whether through deletion, hacking, file corruption, theft, or damage to entire hardware. This can be especially problematic if you do not have adequate backups.

In addition, malware and viruses are designed to steal personal information, such as passwords, credit card numbers or banking details. This can lead to identity theft and possible financial fraud. Malware and viruses represent a broad category of malicious software whose main purpose is to infiltrate, damage or circumvent barriers and weaknesses.

Other hacking alternatives are spoofing, which allow manipulation and identity theft. While hijacking refers to taking control of an active web session between the user and a website. Both methods are based on a great ability to convince and deceive the person that everything that happens is legitimate and official, which is why it is such an effective method.

Security tips to avoid a WhatsApp hack

To protect your WhatsApp and other social media accounts follow these best practices:

  1. Keep your WhatsApp application updated to have the latest security measures
  2. Do not share your verification code with anyone
  3. Enable two-step verification to add an extra layer of security
  4. Avoid clicking on suspicious links or downloading unknown files
  5. Do not share sensitive personal information through WhatsApp messages
  6. Use strong and different passwords for your online accounts
  7. Be careful when joining groups or accepting invitations from unknown people
  8. Do not reveal confidential information through calls or voice messages on WhatsApp
  9. Always verify the authenticity of received messages before acting on them
  10. Keep your mobile device protected with a reliable and updated antivirus


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