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Hack Messenger


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Facebook and Messenger, are some of the most used social networks by our family and friends. For this reason we feel the curiosity or the need to know what these people are talking about. Would you like to learn how to hack Messenger? Then you came to the right place.

How to hack Messenger with this page

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How to Hack a Messenger?

How to Hack Messenger

In this part, we will explain the process step by step so that you can fulfill your goal.

  1. Enter Messenger as indicated by the image or also on Facebook you can search for the person you want to hack.
  2. Copy the username or link of your victim.
  3. Paste it correctly where it says "Enter the URL of the Facebook profile", and then hack.
  4. The system will begin to obtain the profile information, such as the name and its unique identifier (ID).
  5. A window will pop up with two ways to unlock the password.
  6. Referrals: You must share the link with 5 friendsSurveys: You must choose a server and fill out a simple survey.Fulfilling any of those requirements will allow you to unlock the password.

  7. When you get the password, log in from this same page so that Facebook does not ask for any identification, such as detecting photos of friends.
  8. Once you log in the Messenger account you will be able to see the conversations of the hacked person.

What other methods are there to hack Messenger?

Currently there are several effective methods to Hack Messenger, among which we can mention: keylogger, Phishing, Hacking, xploits and passwords stored in the browser.

How to Hack Messenger easily?

Hacking with referralsThe referral option refers to the fact that you need to share the link with 5 friends so that can send you the secret password of your victim. You do not necessarily need to share the link in your Facebook account, but also in other social networks such as Instagram, Twitter or even through emails like Yahoo! or Google.

The referrals are used so that the system does not become saturated. This way the servers are never overloaded. In addition, it increases security because a robot cannot perform a referral code.

  1. Get the URL of the Facebook profile you want to hack and press the "hack" button
  2. will start to track the user and find the password.
  3. Before we give you the secret key, we must release the data through the referral method, which consists of sharing the link on your wall or on Twitter.
  4. Once a minimum of 5 people have entered through the link you shared, you will have the data you need.

Hacking with surveys

You can also hack Facebook with surveys, it is an option to obtain the password of the victim.

To carry out the survey you have to enter one of 4 servers and fill the information with real data. The password will be unlocked only when you put real information.

  1. Enter the web portal as
  2. Find the victim and copy the link of his/her Facebook profile in the text bar
  3. Wait two minutes for the trace to finish
  4. To visualize the data you must fill the survey
  5. Choose any server and complete the survey
  6. Once finished you will be able to click the download button
  7. Then, you enter your email (for example) and the data will be sent to you.

Hack with xploits

A simple way to hack Messenger is through xploits. Use the following link and follow the steps below.

  1. Create a link to xploits.
  2. Send the xploits to your victim and make sure that he/she opens it. The victim will see a page identical to Facebook but will not know that it is false.
  3. Once the victim has entered their data believing that he/she logged to Facebook, you will get his/her password, which will be sent to your email.

Hacking with the browser

Browsers such as Google Chrome and Firefox have among their functions save user passwords. This makes simple and does not require writing the password every time. Now, how does this function of browsers help us to hack Messenger? Well, very simple. If you can gain access to the victim's computer, it will be enough to enter Facebook. The secret key will automatically appear so you only have to log in the victim's Facebook.

In the following links you can see the saved Google Chrome passwords:
  • chrome://settings/passwords

to hack Messenger without surveys?

If you want to hack Messenger without surveys, here are other recommendations:

Hacking with referrals:

  1. Here are the steps:
  2. Identify the profile URL of the victim
  3. Copy it in the text bar of
  4. Proceed to share the link with at least 5 friends through Facebook or Twitter.
  5. Wait for friends to click that link to proceed to send the password

Hack with xploits:

  1. Generate a false URL identical to the Facebook login
  2. Send that URL to the victim and make sure he/she logs in through it.
  3. The victim will be filling a database that you can review later because it will be sent to your email.

Hacking with the browser

  1. Access the victim's computer.
  2. Copy these links in the browser:


  1. If you are lucky, the victim will have their password stored in the browser
  2. Thanks to the keys saved by the browsers, you can access the victim's Facebook without problems.

Hack with keylogger:

  1. Download through this link the keylogger program. If you have antivirus, deactivate it first.
  2. Choose the computer/user that will use the keylogger.
  3. Keylogger will proceed to record the keystrokes so when someone has used your computer and logged on a social network, you will know what his/her secret password is.

How to hack Messenger with the cell phone?

To hack Messenger with the cell phone here some recommendations:

Hack Messenger with surveys:

Enter from the cell phone

  1. Enter the Facebook link of the victim
  2. Wait for the trace to be done
  3. Choose a server and carry out a survey with real data
  4. Download the secret password
  5. It will be sent to your email

Hack Messenger with referrals

Once you are on your Smartphone, go to follow these steps to get the password:

  1. Share with 10 friends the link suggested by, which must be opened by at least 5 of those 10. You can use Twitter or another means to share.
  2. When the referrals have entered through the link you shared, the victim's data will be revealed and will be sent to you by email.

Hack with xploits

From your cell phone enter

  1. Generate the Xploits URL.
  2. Send the false link that you generated to your victim.
  3. The deceived victim will put their access data: e-mail and password.
  4. Check your xploits to verify if the account was hacked.

How to hack Messenger online?

To hack Messenger online we have these recommendations:

Hack with the page:

  1. Go to the script

  2. Choose Facebook as the social network you want to hack.
  3. Enter the URL of the Facebook profile in the text bar and wait for the trace.
  4. Choose the preferred download option (by referral or by survey)
  5. Complete the survey or share the referrals
  6. Get the password

Hack with xploits:

  1. Go to the following page
  2. Generate a fake Facebook link, which you will have to send to your victim.
  3. Wait for your victim to enter their information.
  4. When you log in to Facebook with the hacked account do not do anything unusual in it because the victim will realize that someone is misusing it.

How to hack Messenger without programs?

To hack Messenger without programs we bring you these recommendations:

Hack with the page:

  1. Enter the script
  2. Choose between two options: hack using surveys or by referrals
  3. Follow the steps of each method
  4. Obtain the victim's password

Hack with xploits:

  1. go to
  2. Create an URL of xploits which will serve to deceive your victim.
  3. Send it to the person you wish to hack. When the victim opens it will believe that he/she is entering Facebook when in fact is filling his/her Messenger access data.
  4. When the victim has entered the data in the false link, these will be shown in the xploit that you generated.

How to hack Messenger with programs?

To hack Messenger with programs we give you these recommendations:

Hack Messenger with the browser

Using a portable browser you must have the victim to log in Messenger. Thanks to a memory, Facebook will be ready to open on any other computer without problems.

Hack Messenger with keylogger

Keylogger is the best alternative to avoid using online pages. Although you need to download it from the web, once installed, it will work alone. To download the program you need to enter this link which is free.

How does it work? Keylogger will store any secret password written on the computer where it is installed.

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