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Snapchat is one of the most innovative mobile applications, it works as an instant messaging app, since you can add contacts and send them messages in form of photos or videos individually or in groups. It’s the most notable difference with respect to others social networks is that you select the time that the other person or group can see that message, it can last between 1 and 10 seconds before it is destroyed. Excellent. True? This social network was launched in 2011 resulting in a digital revolution. More than 400 million messages are sent daily between photos and videos.

How to hack Snapchat

When you hack Snapchat you can change several functions like:

  • View the private conversations that the person you intend to hack sends.
  • Upload photos from the gallery of your smartphone to the application.
  • Add new stickers or labels.
  • Modify the geographical location.
  • Capture screenshots of your friends' photos and videos without them noticing. Activate your curiosity to know what your boyfriend, friends and family do in this mobile application.
  • Did you forget your password?
  • Do you want to know what photos or videos your partner receives?
  • Do you want to recover an account that you have time to use? Keep reading and you can hack the accounts you want.

How to hack Snapchat: Step by step?

Method 1

  • Enter the Snapchat application.
  • Search the username of the person you want.
  • Write the user in the box on this page.
  • Take a survey or share your referral.
  • You will get the instagram account password.
How to hack Snapchat

¡That's it! The account will start hacking.

Method 2

  • Download the folder containing the hack, the latest update of Snapchat and XCODE.
  • Rename Snapchat as an app or application, add it to the hack folder and the message will appear that this file already exists, replace it and it is ready to be modified by XCODE.
  • Before starting the modification, open XCODE and enter your App Store account to get the permissions to program apps.
  • Open the file of the folder with the XCODE logo and connect the iPhone to the computer, select start to install on the smartphone.
  • Finally, the mobile phone will not let you open the application because it is from an unauthorized developer, to change this you must go to Settings - General - Device management and accept the App Store's own account.

Done! We can start the Snapchat hack without any inconvenience. It is a little more complicated but it is also possible

How to Hack Snapchat easy?

  • Hack with the page.

If you want to hack Snapchat in an easy and simple way without any complications follow these guidelines: Find the account of the person you want to hack and copy the URL of your Snapchat profile. Then, paste the link of the account in the box and click on hack so the page can decode the access data. Finished the process you must confirm that you are not a robot, through a short survey or sharing the link with friends or relatives you can get the access password to enter the desired Snapchat account either that of another or your own.

Hack Snapchat with the page
  • Hack with xploits

Enter to net

Generate your identifier. Important: Do not forget your identifier as it is your password to get access to the password of the Snapchat accounts you want to hack.

Choose between URL or email account. If you choose the first option, an URL is redirected to the person you want to hack, it can be with an image, a page or a video. With the second option, the user's name or e-mail will be shown in the scam so that the person only has to enter their password.

Choose the language.

Create the link.

Send it to the person.

Wait for you to enter your access information.

Done! You can now access the account without any inconvenience.

  • Hack with the browser.

Through the settings of each browser, either Google Chrome or Firefox, you can obtain access codes for anyone who has used a computer to access Snapchat. We will teach you how to hack this social network with the most used browsers on the internet.

Hack Snapchat from Google Chrome To get passwords from Chrome go to Settings - Advanced settings - Passwords and forms - Manage passwords.

Hacking Snapchat from Firefox: Security - Saved credentials - will show the emails and passwords that have been saved in asterisks - select to show password at the Snapchat login and you will be able to access the social network.

¿How to hack Snapchat without surveys?

  • Hack with keylogger

Keyloggers are programs that developed and designed to be installed on remote computers in order to record the keystrokes made on the computer keyboard without the user's knowledge, including Snapchat's login information. . You have two options to install a keylogger through hardware as software. To use a keylogger you must have physical or remote access to the computer of the person you want to hack to install it without it being noticed.

  • Hacking with the browser

To hack a Snapchat account from a browser and without the need for surveys, you must use the data tools offered by these tools, such as the cache and the cookies that store the information. A simple method is the password history that is stored in the computer. With this option you can only access the account of the last person who has entered Snapchat. To do this you just have to let your girlfriend, friends or family use your computer to access the social network of the "little ghost".

  • Hack with xploits

You've come to the easiest way to hack Snapchat without the need for time-consuming surveys. To do this, you must create a clone page of the social network so that the person to hack access it, enter your data that will be saved. Then, you can access the account without problems. This method is very effective because the design is the same as the original page, it is very difficult for someone to realize that is another website can only be differentiated because the name of the address varies.


How to hack Snapchat with the cell phone?

  • Hack Snapchat with surveys

It is very well known to use the surveys to unlock the data of the Snapchat account of the person to hack, in this way they will not confuse you with a bot. Access the Snapchat account on the smartphone, copy the direct link of your profile and then you go to the page, click on the white box and on the phone's keypad you give the option to paste the link and then press the button to hack. Finally, you go to see the data, choose the option of surveys, after made the data of the Snapchat account will be yours.

  • Hacking Snapchat with referrals

To hack with referrals you must to share this tool with the person you want to access your account. For this you must to follow certain guidelines: Enter the profile of the selected person and click the hack button, then to see the data. Then you must choose the referral option, this is very important, since it will give two links, which one of them must pass to the profile user. Finally, when you have accessed the link, it will show you the referral on the options page and you will obtain the account information.

  • Hack with xploits

In the page chosen to hack with xploits, an URL must be generated for the person to hack to access it and unlock the data that will be displayed in the menu of the page. By having the links you can make it to reach the people you want and when you click on the link the access data will be displayed so you can enter Snapchat.


How to hack Snapchat online?

  • Hack with the page

There are codes to explore the faults and get the data from any Snapchat account because they are not perfect systems. In the social network of the ghost, this code is simple and free to use it, so you already found an excellent possibility in the network taking into account that the steps to hack are easy. The first thing is to put the profile of the person to hack, the process to obtain the data will take a few minutes to then conduct a survey and thus get the email and password access.

  • Hack with xploits

Each web page or social network has failures in each update. That is why a team of programmers and developers are attentive to each version to know the gaps that each of them has. This is where the option to hack with xploits comes in, with which you can create a double page for the person to hack to log in and in this way you can get their access data without being aware. It is the option that gives more results to users, you just have to wait for them to open the fake page and you will have the data to access when you want.


How to hack Snapchat without programs?

  • Hack with the page

There is the possibility of wanting to know someone's password or you want to recover an account that you have time without using. To hack a Snapchat account without programs, just go to It is very simple, you just must to enter the link of the Snapchat profile of the person to hack or yours, then you carry out a survey to obtain the access data to the account.

  • Hacking Snapchat with xploits

Do you know that by creating and designing a clone page of the social network you can obtain the access data of whoever you want? Attentive to these steps:

Create an address or URL, there will go the access data when they enter in the "double" Snapchat.

Insert the link for the person to access with their data, it can be a photograph, a video on YouTube, or a news medium.

When accessing these false pages, the email or the user and the password will be saved in the initial address and will remain blocked until you make a short survey or referrals.


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