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Hack Twitter

Hack Twitter

How to hack Twitter? Step by Step Guide

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Twitter is a major part of the world nowadays. Politicians, sport players and other famous people usually give information through their Twitter accounts. Do you imagine hacking any Twitter account? This is possible, and we’ll explain you up next.

How to hack TwitterFollow all the recommendations that we’ll explain you in this article. Are you ready to start?

STEP 1: Look for the username

How to hack Twitter

Follow these steps:

  1. Look for the person’s account you want to hack
  2. Copy their Twitter link or username
  3. Paste it in and then press the button “hack”

STEP 2: Download the password

Once the system has processed the username, you can download the password. After this you have to options.

Create some accounts: you have to enter one of the four servers that are displayed on the website and follow the survey’s steps.

Share with friends: You’ll have to send to a minimum of five friends your referred links and they’ll have to open it so it’ll be valid.

After doing any of these options the password will unblock automatically.

STEP 3: Log in from our page

Once you downloaded the user’s password, we recommend you to log into our website, because, on the opposite side is likely that Twitter’s official page asks you to verify the account with an e-mail or phone number, and that’s something you obviously can’t do.

What other methods exist to hack Twitter?

Besides the method we explained before, there’s also another alternative when you look for hacking a Twitter account. Among these there is: keyblogger. It’s a program that is easy to store secret passwords that any user writer in a computer. Xploits: they seem like the actual pages, and it tricks the user with social engineering for them to introduce their information, xploits is also known as phishing. Phishing: is the best method to hack Twitter’s users, which basically takes over the identity of the real user.

How to hack Twitter easily?

  • Hack it with a website
  1. Go to this link:
  2. Look the Twitter account you want to hack
  3. Copy the username or the URL of the Twitter’s profile
  4. Paste it in the website and press “hack”

From there the website will get the account’s information. When this ends you’ll have to complete an anti-bots test, that’s the only way the system will prove you are a real person.

When this process finishes, you will be able to access to all the information of the Twitter hacked profile.

  • Hack with xploits

You can hack Twitter easily, for that you have to access to:

  1. Create an xploits’ link
  2. Send it to the person you want to hack
  3. Wait for them to introduce their information
  4. Check if the Twitter account was hacked
  • Hack with a browser

Browsers like Google Chrome or Firefox have a feature that saves the passwords of the computer’s owner. If you access to the victim’s PC, and they saved their passwords, you can access without trouble to accounts like Twitter or Facebook.

How to hack Twitter without surveys?

  • Hack with keyblogger

Download the program keyblogger from this site logixoft once downloaded you install the program

Keybloggers just work on computers; its goal is to storage every password that they are written on the PC. If someone opens their Twitter account from the computer, then you will be able to see it on the program.

Keyblogger is a program that doesn’t require surveys, because it just needs to be installed on the PC. Once the passwords are saved on the program, they can be checked by the PC owner.

  • Hack with a browser

Do you have Google Chrome or Firefox? Then the rest is simple. You just have to have access to the victim’s computer, because these browsers save passwords only if the user accepts this feature. This way, if you manage to gain access to the computer, you will be able to enter without issues to the accounts. It’s very simple and it doesn’t require any kind of surveys.

  • Hack with xploits

If you want to hack Twitter without surveys use xploits. That way you’ll trick the victim. How? Well, you send a link where the person “logs” into Twitter, when, in reality, they are filling a sheet where you’ll have that information.

Which are the steps? You’ll send a fake link to the victim. Then, they, thinking they are logging into Twitter, will enter their username and password, due you’ll receive the information of that person.

How to hack Twitter with a smartphone?

  • Hack Twitter with surveys

If you have a smartphone, you can also hack Twitter with it.

  1. Open Facebook’s app
  2. Look for the person you want to hack
  3. Copy the username that is one the three dots at the right side
  4. Go to
  5. Paste the Facebook link of your victim
  6. Press the bottom “hack”
  7. Wait a few seconds for the account to be hacked
  8. Do a survey and automatically you’ll get the e-mail and the password of your victim
  • Hack Twitter with referred links

To hack Twitter with referred links you just need at least five people to visit a link, when you gather them, you’ll receive to your e-mail the username and password to get enter the Twitter account. The way to get more clicks can be through private messages or sharing directly the link on social media like Twitter, Facebook, Messenger and WhatsApp.

  • Hack with xploits

From your smartphone go to the following websites: the instructions on the screen so you can hack Twitter with your cellphone.

How to hack Twitter online?

  • Hack Twitter with the page

To hack a Twitter account online follow the next steps:

  1. Go to Twitter and look for the user you want to hack
  2. Paste it in the system of and press the button hack.
  3. Wait for a few seconds for the system to do its function and get the information of the account.
  4. Unblock the password with a survey
  5. The website still the cookies of the Twitter account, thus it’s recommendable to log in from there to avoid problems when you to go the website.
  • Hack with xploits

To hack Twitter with xploits follow these steps:

- Create your Xploits URL - Send the fake link to your victim - The victim enters the secret information believing it’s the official page - You’ll receive their information

How to hack Twitter without programs?

  • Hack using the website

Hacking Twitter accounts without programs is best to do it through the website, which generates a password that you’ll be able to download and use it after. You just need to enter the username or e-mail of the person you want to hack and fill a survey, and the system will give you the secret password.

  • Hack with xploits

To download programs if better to use the internet, so go the website

  1. Generate an xploits
  2. Send it to the victim
  3. Enter your e-mail that will work so you can get the information of hacked accounts.

How to hack Twitter with programs?

  • Twitter Password Hacker

The program Twitter Password Hacker is possible to hack Twitter accounts using software. For that we need to know the username of your victim or their e-mail. Then enter these information, you’ll need to wait a few minutes for the program to reveal the secret password. We need to outpoint that this method will work if the password hasn’t been changed by the user in the last five days.

  • Hack Twitter with a browser

Browsers like Google Chrome or Firefox work to browse around the internet, but they also storage passwords and e-mails in such a way it’s not necessary to type them each time someone logs into their Twitter account, for example. That’s why if you have access to the victim’s laptop is probable that you’ll run into the saved passwords on the browser.

  • Hack Twitter with keyblogger

Why keyblogger? Because is a program easy to use and highly effective. It’ll allow you spying people that use your computer. So you’ll have a record of any movement that isn’t yours. You can also install it in other people’s computer, like in a computer lab or in a cyber and that’s how you’ll gain access to other passwords that, at the same time, will give you access to Twitter accounts.


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