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Hack WhatsApp

Hack WhatsApp

Do you feel your boyfriend or girlfriend is cheating on you?

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Has it happened to you that you argue with your boyfriend or girlfriend, and he or she stop talking to you and immediately take his or her cell phone out and start writing? Have you ever feel that you are being cheated on with somebody else? Do you feel distrust and you would like to spy on his or her WhatsApp chats to be sure?

Well, if you have had to get through these awkward situations and you have not been able to find what is going on and who your boyfriend or girlfriend is talking to, then you can ease up since in here we are going to teach you a few simple methods to hack WhatsApp, so finally you can track those conversations that do not let you sleeping well and leave every trace of unsureness behind.

how to spy WhatsApp

These are the experts on hacking, let's begin!

How to spy on WhatsApp?

how to spy WhatsApp

First of all, to be able to hack WhatsApp you will not need to have the victim's phone physically, you just simply need their phone number and follow the next steps:

Visit the webpage

Select the network or service platform you would like to hack, in this case will be WhatsApp.

Select country, introduce the victim's phone number and click on “Hack”.

Enter any of the servers and complete the corresponding survey.

Once the survey is completed you will be able to see your victim´s chats on WhatsApp for spying.

Other available method to hack WhatsApp

There are other hacking methods that you have to try that will provide similar expected results. For example, a few of them can be carried out with the help of your PC like MAC changing tool, and others will require of a tablet device to be able steal an account from the related phone. On another part, there are mobile applications like Sniffer and MySpy that are also useful. Next, every hacking procedure will be explained in details.

How to hack on WhatsApp in three simple steps?

Now, this method requires for us to have in our hands the victim's phone.

  1. The first thing to do is opening WhatsApp on the person's phone we want to spy on and tap on the three dot icon, which is placed at the right upper corner and choose the option “WhatsApp Web”.
  2. Now, using our phone we are going to open Google Chrome and we look for WhatsApp Web”.

Before entering, we are going to tab again the three dot icon placed at the right upper corner and tab or click on the option “Request Desktop Version”.

Done this, the next step will be entering “WhatsApp Web” web site and a QR code should appear, as a step that ca be also performed from PCs. Then, we look for on Google for “WhatsApp Web” and once inside we will scan the QR code using the victim's phone.

  1. Lastly, with our victim´s phone we will scan the QR code that showed up in our phone. By doing so, all of victim´s chats will appear in our phone through the web browser.


We will need our victim´s phone for a considerable amount of time, although once performed all the previous steps the device will not be necessary.

The connection will be lost and we will not be able to see the conversations if the victim is too far away. So, if the victim does not belong to relatives or is not near you, probably you will not able to spy on them optimally.

The victim can know that WhatsApp Web is being used in other device, since the platform gives a notification a security measurement, in order to prevent these hacking situations and methods.

Hacking WhatsApp Web through MAC changing

This method may seem a little more complex, but following to the letter the related steps we will get the expected results. In details, MAC is a code conformed by letters and numbers that is different on every mobile device, looking like this 24: BD: DE: 5E: 85: EB or with a similar layout.What do you need for spying using this method?

A phone with WhatsApp previously installed on it

Victim's phone for spying

In order to find MAC address on an Android device we must go to:Settings>About Device >Status> WIFI MAC AddressOnce we have found the specific MAC address of our device, we should access our PC and follow the next steps:

Click with the right button on “Connections and Networks” (at the right lower corner, besides date information on Windows).

Open “Network Center and Shared Resources”.

Then we click on the option “Change Adapt Settings”.

Choose network card and go click on “Status” and lastly on “Details”.

The “Physical Address” code is the one we will use with the MAC address of our phone.

Once this step is finished you must follow the next steps:

Uninstall WhatsApp from your mobile device.

Change your MAC address with the victim´s that you are going to spy (for this action you must download an app to your phone designed to perform this function, such as the Android Busy Box app recommended for this purpose).

Install WhatsApp again on your mobile device and then enter the victim´s phone number.

Send the activation code using text message. It is important to point out that the message will be sent to our victim´s phone, so at this point we must have it at hand to write down the code and erase the message after used to eliminate hacking evidence.

Set again the original MAC address on your mobile devices as last step.

If all of these steps were performed correctly WhatsApp will automatically show all of our victim´s messages, photos and videos.

Spying WhatsApp stealing phone account

One more time, on this method you must have the victim's phone at hand and follow the next easy steps:

Install WhatsApp on a tablet device.

In WhatsApp you must activate SMS previewing on the tablet

Add victim's phone number

The message will be sent to the victim's phone. You should copy it and add it to the tablet, remembering to erase the message to delete any hacking evidence and related information.

Once you introduce the code you already should have victim´s WhatsApp account you wish to spy on in the tablet.

Hacking WhatsApp conversations through email

Did you know we can send ourselves through email all of our victim´s conversations?

This alternative is viable only if it is suspected of a person in particular, and in this case we are going to need the victim's phone at hand again, in order to follow the next steps:

  1. Open WhatsApp.
  2. We are going to search for the specific chat we want to send ourselves.
  3. We tap on the three dot icon placed at the right upper corner and then we tab on the option “More”, and lastly “Send chat through email”.

Obviously, once the chat has been sent there is the need to delete the email to eliminate any trace or evidence of hacking.

Hacking WhatsApp with Sniffer

This app allows us to see other people's conversations from our own computers. Also, the applications stores a security backup that guarantees we will be able to read chats erased by the victim, as an app available for Android and iOS.

So, the first thing to do is downloading from the internet the APK file and install it on our Android device, whether is a tablet or a smartphone. Once we have it installed it we are going to follow the next steps:

We run the program clicking on the new icon added on the apps menu.

The first screen or homepage we are going to see will be the main app screen with a warning that tell us we are connected to our network using WPA encryption.

At this point we must activate the ARP-Spoof option.

To start spying conversations we must click tap on “Start” and user's permissions will be requested.

We agree on the permissions and the app will start looking for WhatsApp conversations in our network.

When the app finds conversations these are going to appear enlisted on the home screen of the app, along with an advice on the notification bar and then we will able to spy WhatsApp conversations.

Hacking WhatsApp using MySpy

Lastly, this app will allow us to see chats, images, videos and even the possibility to spy messages on Facebook, Snapchat and skype. The difference this app has in comparison to others is that it requires a monthly subscription to be paid and use the service.


A lot of users fully trust on the security offers by WhatsApp, even openly writing very private and delicate matters with their contacts, such as banking operations, intimate relationships they had or any other personal data.

Although certainly WhatsApp is one of the most secure and hard to break messaging and chatting apps, due to the encryption it performs on every one of the messages sent from one side to the other, the app is not completely unbreakable and with the tools we just showed you will be able to spy on those conversations you wanted so much.

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