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Hack Hotmail and Outlook

Hack Hotmail and Outlook

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hack hotmail and outlook easy
Explanation to Hack Hotmail and Outlook from a cell phone
  1. Enter the Outlook platform and copy the victim's email address
  2. Enter the website
  3. Paste the victim's Hotmail/Outlook email address in the box
  4. Lastly, click Hack
hack hotmail and outlook pc
Explanation to Hack Hotmail and Outlook from a computer
  1. Copy email from Hotmail or Outlook
  2. Enter the website
  3. Paste the victim's Hotmail/Outlook email address into the box
  4. Lastly, click Hack

Hotmail and Outlook is one of the most used email platforms where you can receive and send private messages. If you need to know what information a user hides in their mailbox, we recommend you follow these techniques to hack Hotmail and Outlook quickly and safely.

Hack Hotmail and Outlook with Xploits

  1. Enter the website Hack Hotmail and Outlook 2022 Online, Free and Easy ツ
  2. Copy and save the Xploit identifier which is the access key to see the data that has been stored
  3.  Select from a shared Blogger or create a custom Blogger
  4. Indicate which link you will direct the victim to, be it a video, images or blog
  5. Set the expiration date of the Xploit, adding: day, month and year
  6. Click on create Xploit and wait for the link to be generated
  7. Send the link to the victim with an attractive and trustworthy message
  8. The user will enter their access data on the cheat page to log in
  9. Within the platform we will be able to observe the tracked passwords

Xploits are computer systems that generate false web pages with the aim of the user entering their data to store the name and password of a Hotmail and Outlook email. One of the characteristics of Xploits is that they simulate the appearance of Outlook, making the victim trust and avoiding doubts or suspicions.

Among so many Xploits that exist on the internet, our recommendation is This web platform simulates Hotmail and Outlook logins in minutes in order to hack the victim quickly.

It is among the best methods to hack Hotmail and Outlook for free; but the success of this method rests on the message you send to the victim. If it's not engaging, compelling, and concrete enough, they'll be suspicious and won't enter their details.

Finally, the platform stores the data obtained from the fake Outlook session, in a section called "obtained data". You just have to enter and you will see the credentials you need to hack Outlook and Hotmail.

Hack Hotmail and Outlook online

Hacking doesn't have to be only for professionals, without computer and programming knowledge, you can hack Hotmail and Outlook in a few minutes. This is possible due to the options that the email platform, the browser and the cell phones include.

There are several strategies that will become an ally, you just have to follow the steps that we will briefly explain and you will be able to hack Hotmail and Outlook easily and safely:

👉 Hack Hotmail and Outlook with “forgot password”

One of the strategies to access a Hotmail and Outlook account is the “forgot my password” option. This allows you to reset the password using certain tools, it is important that you have access to the victim's cell phone or computer.

To perform this procedure, just follow these steps:

  1. Access the Outlook start page
  2. Go to “login”
  3. Copy the victim's email address/phone number/Skype username
  4. When entering the password, click on Forgot your password?
  5. You will then be presented with several alternatives to reset your password: Security code to alternate email address Text message Phone call
  6. If you have access to their mobile, select text message, and you will receive a code, which you must enter in the box
  7.  Finally, you must create a new password to access Hotmail and Outlook mail.

It is an easy procedure to hack a Hotmail and Outlook account, remember to maintain privacy so as not to arouse suspicion from the victim.

👉 Know the password stored in Google

If you have access to the victim's computer, you can try this alternative. It consists of entering the browser settings. In particular, Chrome stores web data, including usernames and passwords, so you can have Hotmail and Outlook credentials.

To access these settings and the Google password manager, we indicate the following steps:

  1. Enter the browser and click on the three points in the upper right bar
  2. Click on the word “settings” in the options menu
  3. You will find different sections, but you must scroll until you find “autocomplete”
  4. Select “Passwords” and there you will see the credentials that have been stored
  5. Then find the Hotmail and Outlook accounts and click the view icon
  6. Clicking it will allow you to see the username and password of the email

You can also enter directly by clicking on the following link However, this procedure may not be so simple, sometimes in order to see the password you must enter an access code.

Besides, the user decides which passwords to save and which ones not, there is a possibility that you will not find the Hotmail and Outlook account. Even so, it's worth trying to try to hack without using programs or applications.

👉 Hack with passwords stored on mobile devices

Similar to the previous case, cell phones have included data storage and account linking. If you enter the settings you can see the passwords that the user decided to save to speed up the login.

To know these stored credentials, you must do the following:

  1. Go to configuration and settings
  2. Go to the passwords and accounts section
  3. Explorar hasta encontrar las credenciales de Hotmail y Outlook
  4. Colocar el ID, pin o patrón para poder ver la contraseña
  5. Copiar e iniciar sesión en otro dispositivo

Here are some procedures to crack the password without using applications or computer programs.

Hack Hotmail and Outlook with

To finish with the methods to hack a Hotmail and Outlook account, we present Its objective is to record and store each of the keys pressed on the devices.

In this way, if the victim enters his password, he will be able to see it in an electronic file and enter it. In addition, it has a spy function, you can take screenshots, record and read emails.

If you want to use this platform, follow these steps

  1. Enter the website
  2. Register and login
  3. Choose the plan
  4. Download and install the program on the victim's device
  5. start monitoring

Hacking a Hotmail and Outlook account with is not a free alternative, but each of its functions will allow you to hack and remain anonymous.

hack responsibly

There are hundreds of strategies to hack Hotmail and Outlook email, the ones mentioned above are totally effective. However, you must use them responsibly, to prevent the victim from taking legal action against you.

We hope you can hack Hotmail and Outlook account smoothly, avoiding exposing the victim and protecting your privacy.


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