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Hack Tinder

Hack Tinder

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Hack Tinder Steps
Explanation to Hack Tinder from a cell phone
  1. Enter Tinder and copy the username of the victim
  2. Enter the website
  3. In the box paste the username of the victim
  4. Finally, click on Hack

Becoming the most popular dating app worldwide, Tinder is specially designed so that its users can "match" with people with the same interests and thus establish romantic or friendship relationships.

Hacking Tinder has the purpose of investigating if your partner is cheating on you while dating you, see the Matches made or the conversations on the platform. So that you can fulfill your objectives, we propose some useful methods to hack Tinder.

Hackear Tinder con Xploits

Xploits are computer programs where you can get the data to hack Tinder for free and fast. It is a system that creates fictitious web pages or false logins, simulating the appearance of the platforms, gaining the trust of the victims, allowing them to enter their data.

Passwords, emails and users are stored in a database within the website. With the identifier you will be able to view the data and hack Tinder in no time.

However, the success of this method is achieved with social engineering, that is, with a message convincing enough to make the victim click on the link. Don't know what to write? Here are some ideas:

  • ▶ Personal support: if you know the victim, you can ask them to enter the link and register to vote for you in a contest, or see an interesting Tinder profile.
  • ▶ Offers or gifts: if you don't hang out with the victim, it's better to opt for an institutionalized message, where you pose as a company that offers royalties on Tinder just by registering.
Here are the steps to follow if you want to use the xploits to hack Tinder:
  1. Access to
  2. Save the Xploits identifier, which will be an access key
  3. Select from shared bloggers or create your own
  4. Indicate the address or link where you will direct the victim
  5. Choose the expiration date
  6. Click on create Xploits and wait for it to be generated
  7. Send the link to the victim with an attractive message
  8. If we have managed to be convincing enough, the user will log in with their personal data
  9. We will find in all the tracked data

Hack Tinder without programs and for free

Hacking Tinder doesn't have to be just for professionals, from the browser you can access options that will help you succeed. For the following alternatives, you will need to have access to the victim's computer/device, know the affiliate email or username.

🔹 Hack Tinder with stored passwords

Both Android and iPhone devices have the option to store passwords that have been used in applications. If the victim has saved them, you can access that manager to find them.

  • 👉 If you have an iOS device, follow these steps to find your Tinder password:
  1. Go to Settings and select “passwords”
  2. Then click on Accounts to see the passwords of the websites and applications
  3. Explore until you find the Tinder credentials
  4. Finally, enter the cell phone ID to display the characters.
  • 👉 On Android devices you can use the Google manager to find out the credentials and accounts stored:
  1. go to Password Manager
  2. Explore the options that are found until you find Tinder
  3. Select to show characters
  4. Sign in to Tinder with the password you got

This alternative to hack Tinder without programs has some disadvantages, the passwords may not be stored in the manager or they may not be properly updated.

Hack Tinder with

¿Hack or spy on Tinder? Let it be both, with the Keyloggers you will have the option of obtaining the password to enter a Tinder account or spy on each step in the application. This is due to malicious software, which allows keystrokes or keystrokes to be logged on a device.

The registered and stored data is emptied into an electronic file to be used by the user at his convenience. Among so many programs on the internet, we suggest you use Here are some steps to hack Tinder with this method:

  1.  Enter the official site
  2. Register and login
  3. Select a package and download the program
  4. Install the program on the victim's device/computer
  5. start monitoring

Hacking Tinder with has several advantages, be it complete surveillance, screen capture options, incognito modes and absolute control of data.

Hire a hacker on the Deep Web

There is one last method that we want to share, it is about finding professionals who offer hacker services on the Deep Web. According to reports from Internet users, in this area of the internet it is common to find computer scientists who can steal passwords or create special access to enter Tinder.

Even so, caution and privacy are suggested for this method, if you must make payments, it is suggested to read the hacker's reviews so as not to be a victim of scams. According to the opinions of Internet users, it is still an effective alternative to hacking Tinder.

Hacker Tinder Scam or reality?

Indeed, it is possible to hack Tinder from the browser or with specialized espionage tools. Most of the alternatives mentioned above make it easy to obtain passwords from the victim, but it is important to be careful not to raise suspicions.

Also, hacking Tinder has legal consequences, if you plan to try any method it must be legally justified and not propagate the victim's privacy. We hope that you can use them responsibly and achieve what you long for.


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