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We all know that the use of cell phones has increased exponentially in recent years, and that currently we all have at least one terminal for our personal use and this causes us to be inseparable from our cell phones.For this reason is that we give special importance to them and consequently we always try to take care of them to the maximum, due among other things to the importance of the multimedia files that we keep in them and the multiple conversations and interactions in the different social networks.That is why it is always important to have at hand the option of being able to track a cell phone, and among the needs to do so we could name the following:
  • You've lost your cell phone or was stolen.
  • You want to track your children or younger siblings, so you know where they are.
  • You want to track your boyfriend or girlfriend to see if they are telling you the truth about their location.
  • By hobby, to verify where your friends or family members are.

This method of cell phone tracking is totally free and works 100% of the time, without the need for complicated tutorials or long procedures to obtain the tracking of the cell phone you want.

We assure you that the victim will never be able to tell that their cell phone is being traced and that the process is simple. So this tracking system and website will become your favorite ally.Below we will explain the different ways available to successfully achieve the tracking of a cell phone in a fast, simple, free and totally secure.

How to track an Android cell phone

In this website we bring you the easiest way to achieve the desired goal of effectively and securely tracking cell phones for free on any mobile device you want. This is due to the fact that we have successfully developed the fastest and most secure Script for the correct tracking of cell phones.Let's immediately see the simple steps to follow to achieve a successful tracking.From this same website you have to enter the victim's telephone number, with the corresponding country where the telephone operator is located. We will have to wait a few minutes while the website locates and tracks the cell phone number.When this tracking ends the website will show us an approximate location of the cell phone to track, in this step we must do a small verification, this in order to indicate to the web tracking that we are a real person, who is requesting the tracking service.We will have two options available to perform this identity verification:Step 1: by means of a survey: we fill out a small survey with our personal data (for this we will have available 4 different servers). At the end of the survey we ask for some bank details that could be your credit card (it is completely free, so you will not be charged). This as we said is only to verify that they are not automated robots that abound on the Internet.Step 2: by invitation to 5 friends: this step is known as referrals, here the tracking website will provide us with a web link, this we must copy and send to 5 of our friends from one of these social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Whatsapp, Messenger).When we have completed either of the two options listed above, we will appear in the "TRACK SUCCESSFUL" message, and then the tracking website will not indicate the exact location of the cell phone tracked on a Google Maps map.

How to track an iPhone cell phone

From the native applicationTo track an iPhone phone which comes with the iOS operating system we have the option described below:rastrear un celular iPhoneThis option may vary depending on whether our cell phone has been exposed to jailbreak or not. We'll explain it step by step.As a first step we must be clear that we must have selected the option "look for my iPhone".This application is native to iPhone and you would have to log in with your iCloud account to access as a registered user, then we go to the option look for my iPhone, and if everything goes well, you can see the location of your iPhone cell phone.Through other AppsIn the Apps market we can get many other valid applications to track cell phones by GPS. Among them we can name:
  • Prey anti robo
  • Lookout mobile security

Other alternatives to tracking lost cell phone:

By Google Timeline and Location HistoryHere we need to have both the Apple Location Report and Location History enabled.Google has a chronological feature, which makes a constant collection of all the locations where your iPhone has been. This feature shows you where your phone has been and you can also access its last location where it was connected to the internet. If it has not been stolen but lost and is still connected to the internet then you will simply see its current position in real time.Track iPhone cell phone by GPSYou will have to log in and sign in with your Google Account, if there are new photos you can see the detail of their location.This application is very similar to the Samsung mobile tracking application using Find my mobile.Finally, we can track cell phone by imei, but this would be directly with the operator company that provides the cell phone service.

How to track a cell phone step by step

The best option for the tracking of a cell phone is explained here, this is done in the simplest possible way and without the need to install strange programs on our mobile phones.We can do it from anywhere in the world (it works for all countries and between countries without geographical limitations). Let's look at the step-by-step:Step 1: we access the tracking website (we are already there) and tell the website in which country is the cell phone to track. Type the cell phone number to be tracked.Step 2: The tracking website will do its job through a set of orders to achieve the location of the requested cell phone. When you locate it (a matter of minutes), it will invite us to verify our identity.Step 3: We will verify our identity by means of a simple survey with personal questions or by sending an invitation to 5 friends from our preferred social network (this in order to advertise the website). When we finish any of the two forms of verification of our identity, the system will automatically show us the exact location of the cell phone we are tracking, by means of a map.

How to Track an Easy Cell Phone

This is the most recommended option and certainly the one that has the best ratio (price / value / performance), by the simple fact of working perfectly, quickly and completely free, also has the added value of not having the need to install any additional software on any of the phones to track.Tracking a cell phone by means of a survey (identity verification)
  • We enter the website net immediately choose the option of cell phone tracking.
  • We write down the cell phone number to be tracked and choose the country where the phone line is active.
  • In just a few seconds the web will locate and extract the cell phone through its advanced scripts and GPS technology.
  • It will be up to us to choose one of the servers with which to work (server #1, server #2, server #3, server #4).
  • Fill in the survey with your personal data and you will immediately see the location of the cell phone on the map.

Tracking a cell phone through referrals (identity verification)

  • We enter the web page net immediately we choose the option of tracking new cell phone.
  • We write down the cell phone number to be tracked and choose the country where the phone line is active.
  • In just a few seconds the web will will track the exact location of the cell phone through its advanced scripts and GPS technology.
  • It will be up to us to choose one of the servers with which to work (server #1, server #2, server #3, server #4).
  • We complete the survey with our personal data and you can immediately see the location of the cell phone on the map.

These two options mentioned above are fully valid for tracking stolen cell phone, tracking cell phone by number, tracking cell phone online or tracking lost cell phone.

How to track a cell phone online

There is a tracking function that is integrated into most cell phones that have an Android operating system, with this function we can know where our cell phone is in case we lost it. The primordial thing is that we must have this function activated before having lost it.To track an android cell phone with the gmail account we must navigate in our device to configuration, then we go to security and location and finally we will find my device where we will activate this option. Here we will get three valid options to find our cell phone: from the Google website visiting, from another Android device and from the Google search engine.Encontrar mi dispositivo de googleFrom another device with Android, you only has to download and install the application find my device (we must be clear that only works to see where other devices are) and logged in with our account. The search is very basic and only shows an approximate blue dot of the location on a map.From the Google search engine, simply open it and type: where is my phone and we will also have an approximation of the location of our mobile, as long as we have the open session of our Google account.From the Google website visiting we log in with our Google account and we will have several options, we can block it, or make it ring to get it in case we lost it somewhere nearby and we can also erase all the data from our terminal.

How to track a cell phone without programs

The best option for most of the people we use and have an active life with smartphones is to be able to track our equipment without having to install cumbersome or complicated programs on our cell phones.By means of this tool we can have access to the location of any device without having had physical contact with the equipment in question.This is the best option for when we need to get the location of any cell phone of a friend, family member or our partner. Below we detail how to track cell phone with phone number.We enter the website: web and immediately place the cell phone number to locate while choosing the prefix number for each specific country.In just a few moments the website will do its excellent job and get the location of the cell phone we want to track.Next, we request a verification of identity, this verification is very important for the website, because on the Internet are many robots that make or request this information automatically, only achieving that the pages collapse or slow down by the huge number of requests.We do our verification through two (02) options, a survey with our personal data or send a promotional link (this is to publicize the tracking website) to 5 of our friends in any of the social networks available on our site.Once the verification step is completed, we will be allowed to view the exact location of our cell phone. And enjoy the best way to track Android cell phone for free.

How to track a stolen cell phone

Apart from the different options available that we have already detailed for the correct tracking of a stolen cell phone, we can also cite those that are carried out through the installation of a software (tracking cell App), at this time we will detail two of them Mspy and Cerberus, let's see next.MspyThis is a payment software which we will use not only to track, but to apply certain parental controls to the cell phone in which we install it. We can use them both on Android mobile devices and on iPhone devices. With this program we will be able to verify the location of the cell phone in question and to verify its route having access to its last locations according to the data of the GPS of the cell phone.Always we will physical access to the phone to track to install this software, after is installed and activated it (after payment of the license), you can view and track the subscriber's cell phone through any Internet connection from any device (laptop, Pc, Tablet) by logging into your personal Mspy account.CerberusThis is another application also valid when tracking our mobile device in case of theft or loss, the disadvantage like the previous application is that it is a paid App (it is not free). We will have to download it from its official site or from the Google Play Store.This application works or acts as a Keylogger to record many of the actions of the cell phone you want. We can also track your location via GPS. It has the disadvantage that it must be installed on the cell phone to be tracked and obviously we need to have physical access to it and that it is not free.

How to locate a cell phone with Google (Google Maps)

If by chance you have lost or had your cell phone stolen, you have at your disposal the option to crawl it using Google, (crawl gmail cell phone, crawl cell phone with gmail account) Google offers us the option to achieve this crawl through an application that you must download and install and obviously need another cell phone to perform the search.Let's see the steps to follow:As a first step you must have activated the option of location.This will allow your cell phone to share its location on Google through your associated Gmail account.Now you can see your cell phone and its location in Google Maps, you must access your account with the (username and password), the same username and password you had registered on your lost or stolen cell phone.The other option with Google Maps is via the web:

The other option with Google Maps is through the web:

Encontrar mi celular con google mapsWe go to and sign in to our Google Account.Then we click on "add friends", then select "all contacts", here we must find the contact or person to whom we want to track his location by cell phone (we must be careful and see if this name has a blue icon next to it, if so because it is using the Google Latitude feature), then click on "add" this to add your friend to the crawl, the drawback is that your friend must accept your request.After this we can click on the tab "friends" found on the Google Latitude page, there we can see the list of friends we can crawl and where if we click on the name of one of our friends, his location will immediately be shown on the Google Maps map.To track Android cell phone turned off, the system will show the last available location for the time it was turned on and with internet access.

Track cell phone by Whatsapp

If it is possible and it is by means of an application called TR3 cellular tracking, this application must be downloaded and installed, either in our smart cell phone Android or iPhone and after installing it we will have to introduce the data that it requests us to be able to proceed with the tracking.Directly from the Whatsapp application, we choose the person we want to track and when we open their name (as if we wanted to start a conversation) we can see the TR3 application icon in the form of binoculars. From there we can access to track the cell phone number.Rastrear celular por whatsappwe must click on it and immediately we will redirect to the map to achieve the trace and know the location of this person through the application Whatsapp, the TR3 application and the web track for free. We must be clear that the cell to track must be connected to the Internet and have the option of location and GPS enabled.In short, there are many applications and some as we have seen better than others, some paid and others free, in short there are countless ways to achieve our mission either by the trademark of the Smartphone: track cell at&t, track cell Apple, track cell asus, track cell blu or by default by the way to do it: track cell by imei, track cell by Google, or also espionage options such as track cell bruno spy an option to track cell Brazil.


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