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Hack WiFi

Hack WiFi

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hack wifi steps
Explanation to Hack WiFi from a cell phone
  1. Go to settings and copy the WiFi network name
  2. Accede to
  3. In the box on the page write or paste the name of the WiFi network
  4. Finally, click on Hack
hack wifi pc
Explanation to Hack WiFi from a computer
  1. Go to available networks and copy the WiFi network name
  2. Sign in to
  3. In the box on the page write or paste the name of the WiFi network
  4. Finally, click Hack

The internet connection is important, but if you don't have your own or stable network, hacking the Wi-Fi of the neighbors can be a viable solution. If you want to achieve it, we explain some easy strategies and methods.

hack with your computer

The computer can be an ally to hack a WiFi network, without the need to install specialized applications or programs with complex interfaces. For this strategy you must have access to the victim's PC.

This method intends to explore the passwords of the WiFi network that the computer stores to take advantage of it. It is necessary to use forms of persuasion to gain access to the PC, either: ask the neighbor for support, devise convincing excuses or access when the victim is distracted.

There are steps for each operating system, in this section we indicate what procedure to follow in any of the cases:

🔶 Windows

In Windows operating systems, the procedure to hack a WiFi network is simple, just follow these instructions:

  • Go to the network icon and click the left button, in the configuration panel choose the option “Open Network and Sharing Center”
  • Then, the menu of basic network information and connection settings will be displayed. Click on the name of the WiFi network
  • By pressing you will be able to see the status of the WiFi and by clicking on wireless properties you will be able to see the password.

🔶 MacOS

For MacOS devices, the procedure remains simple to discover the WiFi password on the computer. To obtain satisfactory results you must follow these steps:

  • In the magnifying glass symbol enter “iCloud keychain” to be able to see the stored passwords
  • Go to keychain access and enter systems > passwords
  • You will see a list of the passwords that have been stored on the computer and by double clicking on the name of the WiFi network you will be able to see the characters.
  • Before displaying the password you must enter the username and password of the PC.

Hack a WiFi network with Sniffers

A second method to hack a WiFi network for free are Sniffers, which are capable of capturing and storing APs data. The purpose of this Software is to monitor web traffic and obtain data from the equipment, that is, it analyzes the transmission, encrypts it, reports, and even reveals the password.

On the internet there are hundreds of options to hack WiFi with Sniffers, however, we recommend you to use Kismet It is a free and open source program. It is available in operating systems: Windows, MacOS, Linux among others.

With this program you have the opportunity to see SSIDs, passwords, hidden data and access points. One disadvantage of Sniffer is that it only works with certain adapters, especially WiFi CACE AirPcap. Therefore, you will have to insert the hardware to be able to analyze the packets and unembed the password.

Applications and programs to hack a WiFi network

There are still alternatives to decrypt the password of the neighbor, friend or entity without them realizing it. Thanks to technological advances, there are free programs and applications that make it easy to hack WiFi in a short time, so we offer you a list of the best options:

🌐 WPSApp

One of the best applications to hack a WiFi network on Android is WPSApp, it is based on the use of keys and pins of 8 or more digits to violate network security. The application integrates specialized algorithms to generate pin by default.

It also tries to calculate the passwords of the computers it scans. Although, many users use this tool to study the security of their network, it works to hack WiFi fast and secure.

One of the limitations is that not all networks are vulnerable, the system will throw those networks where they manage to decrypt your password or compatibility with some pins. And it will indicate with question marks that routers are not recognizable.

🌐 Reaver Android

Another application to detect the password of a WiFi network is Reaver; Its functions include advanced settings to detect routers compatible with WPS, automatic connection prior to WPA pin generation and support for Scripts.

Reaver allows hacking a WiFi network with ease, thanks to the incorporation of a GUI, which generates automatic processes for the detection and vulnerability of the router with WPS. Likewise, you can customize the application so that it adapts to what you really need.

If you want to use Reaver to hack a WiFi network you can follow these steps:

  • Access the download link
  • Install the application in APK mode by activating the “unknown sources” option
  • Configure the app and start network discovery.

🌐 WPS WPA Tester

A final option to hack a WiFi network is WPS WPA Tester, it presents options to find out if the access points are vulnerable to security flaws. Although it is an application for educational purposes to understand the weaknesses that a network can have, you can use it to your advantage.

After activating Root access, the system will decrypt network passwords to be able to hack easily and for free, without the need to be an expert.

Hack with Keylogger

Now, if you want spy methods to steal WiFi password, we recommend you to use Keyloggers. These are hacking software or hardware responsible for recording and storing the user's keystrokes on a certain device.

In particular, we recommend using, one of the most important and accessible software. It has professional, private and effective options. To be successful with this tool, you need to install on the victim's computer or device.

 When the user enters his WiFi password you can see it and take advantage of it. This tool is useful to know when the password was changed and not have to repeat risky alternatives.

In addition, it is intuitive and controlled by you, maintaining the settings you want whether it is constant monitoring, incognito mode or screenshots.

Conclusion on Hacking a WiFi Network

Hacking a WiFi network fast and for free is possible with some of the methods previously presented, some require paid versions, but it is worth purchasing the subscriptions. It is wise to remember that not all methods have a high success rate, there is a chance that the password will be undetectable.

It is recommended to avoid unsafe links so as not to be victims of viruses that could compromise your privacy. We hope that these methods and alternatives to hack a WiFi network are useful to you and implemented responsibly.


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