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Hack YouTube

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hack youtube steps
Explanation to Hack YouTube from a cell phone
  1. Enter the YouTube application and copy the link of the channel you want to hack
  2. Access the website
  3. Paste the victim's channel link into the box
  4. Finally, press Hack
hack youtube pc
Explicación para Hackear YouTube desde una computadora
  1. Go to YouTube and copy the link of the channel to hack
  2. Sign in to
  3. Paste the link of the channel to hack into the box
  4. Finally, click Hack

YouTube is one of the most important platforms for viewing videos and multimedia material, with more than 15 years of experience and millions of channels available, the question arises: is it possible to hack YouTube? In this section we will show you that it is.

If you want to access private videos from an account, you should know these methods to hack YouTube:

Hack YouTube with Xploits

Los Xploits They are computer systems that are responsible for generating false logins, where they simulate the appearance of a website or application in order to obtain the data of one or more users. Next, we summarize the steps to follow:
  1. Enter the website of Xploits for YouTube
  2. Copy the generated identifier so that you can access the captured information
  3. Choose the Blogger section that is most convenient. In this case you can choose YouTube
  4. Select the link to which the victim will be directed in order to obtain their data
  5. Indicate the expiration date of the Xploits, until that day the link will be valid
  6. Click on “Create Xploit” and the link will be generated
  7. Finally, send the link to the victim along with an attractive message
  8. The user will log in to the fake page
  9. At you can view the tracked access credentials

To be successful in this method you must send the generated link as a message and make use of social engineering. Which consists of making a text endowed with reliability and conviction so that the nature of the link is not suspected.

Some examples to create the message that accompanies the Xploit are:

  • 😈 Offers or discounts: The victim is sent a message where they must register their data to obtain discounts or benefits on YouTube Premium.
  • 😈 Ask friends for help: if you know the victim, you can ask them to watch a video to help you in a contest or support you on your new YouTube channel. By entering the link and putting your data you will have achieved the objective.

Among the disadvantages of Xploits, it stands out that they can be easily detected by the browser or antivirus. But don't worry, if this happens you can try again.

hack youtube in browser

In the browser there are options to be able to access a YouTube account in a few minutes, for this it is necessary to have access to the victim's computer/device and know their email.

They are simple strategies that you must carry out with caution to avoid being discovered. In this section we explain some of them:

🔴 Hack YouTube with “forgot password”

One of the alternatives to be able to hack a YouTube account is to violate the password, since YouTube works with the Gmail account, you only have to log in with the victim's email. Enter characters in the password section and when throwing an error , click on "forgot your password".

The objective of the method is to reset the password, for this it will direct you to a link or you can access reset Gmail password. When entering, you will be able to show options to modify the password, either: through a link to the recovery email or an SMS to the registered cell phone.

If you have a chance to get the data from the victim's device, you will be able to change the password and hack the account. If not, try other account recovery options like security questions which are usually user data.

🔴 Get credentials with Google password manager

If the above alternative has not worked, there is still hope to hack YouTube, with this strategy you will need to have access to the victim's computer/device. Once you have access follow these steps:

  • Enter the google password manager
  • Search among all the stored credentials the one indicated by YouTube or Gmail in case it is affiliated with the same email
  • Click the option that allows password visibility
  • Login with the data obtained

There is a certain degree of difficulty in this alternative to hack YouTube with browser, on the one hand, the victim can discover your intentions. On the other hand, the password manager may ask you for a security code in order to access the stored passwords.

Hack YouTube with

If your goal is to monitor what content your partner or children view, this spy platform will help you hack and be aware of their movements on YouTube. Keyloggers are programs specialized in recording and storing keystrokes and clicks on devices.

They can be used as hardware and installed on the victim's computer, in this way, each key pressed will be recorded in an online file. In order to have control of the content you see or to be able to steal your credentials.

Among so many programs we suggest you use, where you can have absolute control of the recorded data. An advantage is that you will not be able to be discovered easily thanks to the incognito and private mode.

If you want to hack YouTube with this method just follow these steps:

  1. Enter the website
  2. Sign in and download the app
  3. Install the Keylogger on the victim's computer/device
  4. Activate the session on the computer
  5. Monitoring begins.

Hack YouTube on the Deep Web

One last method to be able to hack YouTube is to hire professionals on the Deep Web. In this area of ​​the Internet there are Internet users with extensive knowledge to break passwords or enter a YouTube channel without problem.

They have somewhat expensive rates and offers in espionage, theft of credentials, cloning accounts, blocking channels, among others. It is recommended to be careful with these hackers to avoid being victims of scams.

In short, there are numerous tools and programs to hack YouTube easily and quickly. However, it is recommended to take responsibility for these methods, executing them in justified situations to avoid legal charges.

We hope that these strategies are useful and that you can meet your goals of hacking a YouTube account.


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